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1) Carry your valid Learner's Permit on at all lessons.

2) Keep a written record of all Lessons & Road Tests you have scheduled.

3) If you go over the number of lessons in your package you will be charged.

4) Arrive on time or you will lose the time.

5) You are liable for all moving violations.

6) You must cancel/ reschedule your lessons at least 24 hours in advance or you will be charged for the lesson.

7) If we cannot assign the same instructor or vehicle, for any reason beyond our control, it does not give you grounds to cancel that appointment.

8) Students are required to turn off their cell phones during lessons.

1) You are late or do not show up.

2) You fail to bring your driver’s license or learner's permit (both must be valid with a photo)

3) Your driver’s license, learner’s permit or temporary visa status is expired

4) You fail to meet any restrictions (forget to bring glasses etc.)

5) You are not prepared for the road test (too nervous).

6) If you are under 18, form (MV262) must be completed and signed by your parent or guardian.

Date: ___________ Student Signature ______________________________

Student’s ID number _______________________________________